V-DUO Series Pad Printing Machines
V machine- 60/ 90/ 130
  • dual tampon system for multicolour tampon printing
  • registration accuracy by means of rigid jig
  • flexible cliché and tampon stroke adjustment
  • The 'V' represents the rigid V shaped tampon bridge with the two tampons arranged on it at an angle of 60 degrees. This series features 2 colour machines with an ink/ doctoring cup diameter of 60, 90 or 130 mm. The precise machines of the V series can print in 4 colours without problems when using divided doctoring cup and the rigid component holders. The inking system is arranged in parallel so that the cliché can be changed easily from the operator side.
  • Thanks to the eccentric screws (X, Y, and Z axis) it is easy to precisely set up both the clichés as well as the integrated tampon cleaning unit.
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V-DUO 60-90 Pad Printing Machine
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