Hybrid Series Pad Printing Machines

The Sculptor and a Painter in machines! This little champ has an integrated cliché production unit and a tampon printing unit. A multi-colour print motif can be engraved on the cliché directly without having to change the cliché each time for new designs. The cliché used for this purpose is as special as the machine itself and it employs a “microflex” cliché band. A complete digital to print integrated machine with Ethernet connection and a matchingly powerful “TP_alfa®” software.
The tampon unit is a “hermetic” type based on the tried and perfected “V-DUO” 2 colour machine with an ink/doctoring cup of size 2 × Ø 90 mm. Since there is no need to change the cliché as well as the ink cup, it saves enormous set-up and material inventory costs.

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