Hermetic Pad Printing Machines
As the name “Hermetic” implies, this machine type (like almost all our Tampon printing machines these days) also operates with the patented sealed ink/doctoring system developed by us. A system which is characterized by features such as ink and motif change in seconds, constant ink viscosity, low solvent evaporation, constant print quality, etc. The “electromechanically driven bench”, “built-in” and “floor-standing” models of the new Hermetic generation— all incorporates state-of-the-art developments and improvements made on the popular and reliable series of the same name. Despite having such advanced features they are extremely smooth running. And all this at unbelievably high speeds, which, by the way, can be controlled linearly.
  • versatile tampon printing machine design
  • extremely smooth electromechanical drive
  • variable tampon stroke
  • cliché and ink change within approximately 30 seconds
  • many potential uses in industry
  • rejections reduced to absolute minimum
  • highest and constant printing quality achieved with consistent ink viscosity
  • optimum profitability
  • easy and quick change from one printing image to another using the included mounting tools
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