FT series Inks are cost effective. Each Kg of Ink can Print upto 100,000 Impressions.
* Garments printed with FT series Inks can withstand nearly 50 washes.
* Farbatex series tagless printing inks are the best choice due to excellent adhesion, high opacity, very low consumption, soft flexible feel and the high range of colors available.
* We have our own in house facility of Spectrophotometer, analyzer and recipe generator for inks mixing and custom color matching. 
* Farbatex inks are available in India ex-stock.
* Better printability.
* More opacity on dark garments.
* More vibrant color.
* All FT series direct on garment inks comply with all the norms that any tagless printing ink requires for environmental safety, stability and non-toxicity of inks. These inks also pass all the medical grade & FDA standards and are child safe.
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