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SPINKS WORLD is a group of companies involved in several industrial decoration technologies. All having niche markets, like Pad Printing Machines or Tampoprinting Machines, Laser Marking or Engraving Machines, Printing inks for Pad Printing, Screen Printing, etc.
We deal in specialized products for narrow web industries like U.V Flexo Inks, Rotary Screen Inks, etc. Another technology that we specialize in is backlit automotive interiors. Besides this, we cater to the niche market of foiling or hot stamping on plastics and glass. Recently we have also forayed into Digital Printing.

RUCO Germany has recently launched a very special ink series (UV glass inks) in India for Glass applications.
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TAMPOPRINT Pad Printing Machines

The basic principle behind pad printing technology is that a flexible rubber silicon pad picks up the image from the etched surface of a ink flooded cliche and then transfers it to the component, w...

Automatic Printing Machines

Automation is the intelligent use of Electronic, Pneumatic and Mechanical components to control and operate industrial machines and minimize or replace human operators for special purpose applicati...

Laser Marking Machines

Markolaser "European Quality Indian Price" Marking-Engraving Lasers. Precision marking and engraving machines from markolaser are excellent in price performance ratio. Standard w...

Printing Inks

Inks find use in almost every aspect of human activity. Our inks are used for printing on cosmetic items, toys, mobile phone keypads, glasses, ceramics, metal, thermosets, pens, etc. which are in...

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