Ruco Inks
  Tagless Printing Inks for Garments
For Apparel and Garment printing, we offer RUCO T-200-9000/T-200-9005 Opaque Black and White in the segment of tag less printing. This ink dries very quickly in contact with air and does not require any treatment. The printing with this ink withstands up to 50 washes. The garments are soft to feel, non toxic and durable. Right now we are focusing on the use of black color only because market survey has revealed that 75% of tag less printing is being done in black color. This ink is Eco Passport certified which is about its conformity with the standards on textiles.
The Oeko-Tex certificate certifies the process in the application of the ink and needs to have an audit with the Hohenstein Institute to get the printing process approved. Therefore we are currently looking for a textile printer who will be able to provide us with his system so we can have the process audited by the institute.
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