Hot Stamping Machines
  Soft Plastic Tubes Stamping Machine
TUB - 60 & TUB - 250 : Soft plastic tubes
Servo-controlled machine dedicated to hot stamp soft tubes
  • Longitudinal and transversal registration carried out by a CCD camera.
  • Inclined ramp feeding.
  • Printing head equipped with two servo motors to correct the position of the die.
  • Automatic ejection with gripper.
  • Printed tubes ejected on a conveyor belt.
  • Selective ejection in bulk for non-printed tubes.
  • The machine can also print caps separately from the tubes.
  • Production speed: 20 to 25 tubes/min.
  • Pre-registration on spot.
  • Tubes diameters: 19 to 60mm [standard] 13 to 19 mm [option].
  • Tubes length: 50 to 200 mm.
  • Caps height: 0 to 50 mm.
  • Artwork maxi height: 180mmPossibility to print up to 5 mm from the tube shoulder.
  • Registration accuracy in both directions: +/-0,15mm.
  • Machine net weight: 1,3 metric tones.
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