Merlia Inks And Farbatone
Merlia Inks / Farbatone
Silicone Rubber
Ink series Finish Properties Application
(Silicone ink)
Gloss Single component ink for Silicone Rubber, Excellent Printability, Stability & Adhesion. Silicone Rubber
(Silicone Inks)
Glossy Two component ink for Silicone Rubber ,Excellent Printability and Stability. Polyester, Nylon, Cotton, Lycra, Cotton Spandex, PU leather, Canvas

For Pad Printing or Screen Printing

SR-1 Silicone Inks

SR-Series Silicone Ink can print on any items made of silicone rubber including iPad/iPhone cases, custom silicone wristbands, oven mitts, swimming caps, remote controls and any other popular promotional items made of silicone.

Simply print and cure. Its a single component ink/2 component ink. Once fully cured, SR Series Silicone ink has a high resistance to abrasion and has great flexibility: bent or stretched, the print will not crack. Silicone Ink is highly glossy 2 component ink. Curing time takes 6-8 minutes at 160°-180°C single component and 2 component 120°-130°C.

Silicone wristbands, for example, are always stretched when put on or taken off. When worn, the silicone wristband frequently rubs against various surfaces. The ink needs to handle a lot of wear and tear... SR Ink is that product!


Silicone Rubber Promotional Products:-
(Silicone Rubber Spatulas, Electronic Calculators, Silicone Rubber Coaded writing, car remote covers, Swimming cap, Medical praducts, Silicone gaskets, Molds & accessories for kitchen, Silicone Seds, Camera Accessories, Silicone breast pads,Ege massager tablets, exercise bands watches, Belts, Auto part, Silicone hardness, Silicone rubber laser, etc. )
Silicone Wristbands
Buttons for Controllers
Touch Pad

SR-2 Silicone Inks

Silicone Inks have a high degree of stretch and durability in the wash process. They have a low cure temperature, making it the ideal ink choice for 100% polyester performance fabrics, websuits, swimsuits, and sublimated polyester fabrics. Silicone Inks possess superb adhesion and extreme elasticity. Simply mix SILEXTREME base with the toner and add catalyst before printing.

Low Temperature Cure
PVC Free
RSL Compliant
Athletic Toners
Shimmers and Metallics
Automatic and Manual Press Friendly
High Wash Resistance
Distinctive Hand
Ultra Elongation
High Opacity


Heat Transfer Silicone Inks
High Density Silicone Inks
High Glass Finish with no Track feel
Soft Metal Finish with no Track feel


2 Component Ink
(Polyester, Nylon, Cotton, Lycra, Cotton Spandex, PU leather, Canvas, Genuine Leather)
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