SIC Series Pad Printing Machines
  SIC 130 Pad Printing Machine
Pneumatic bench tampon printing machine with the well known "Hermetic System", developed by Tampoprint AG. A unique machine with big cup diameter.
  • Doctoring cup -130 mm
  • Cycles/hour - 800
  • Print image size (max) - 120 mm diameter
  • Cliché size - 150 x 300 mm
  • Applications:
    A. Printing on batteries
    B. Large bottle bodies, mugs
    C. Tube light chokes, small measuring scales
    D. CDs, T.V. cabinets
    E. Auto parts, dash boards, juicer mixer panels
    F. Washing machine panels
    G. Big enclosures, large plastic or metal trays requiring print area of about 120 mm
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