SIC Series Pad Printing Machines
  Sealed Ink Cup 60 Machine
Pneumatic bench tampon printing machine with the well known "Hermetic System", developed by Tampoprint AG.
  • Doctoring cup - 60 mm
  • Cycles/hour - up to 1400
  • Print image size (max) - 55 mm diameter
  • Cliché size - 70 x 140 mm
  • No. of colors: 1 color (but can be attached with more machines to make 1 Color-6 Color systems).
  • Applications:
    A. Bottle Caps, Balls (golf & tennis)
    B. Electrical items (MCBs, bulbs, switches)
    C. Stationary items (pens, paper weight, staplers)
    D. Gifts and novelties (key chains and other items)
The machine gives extremely high print quality at low cost.
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