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  Ruco pad printing inks
The pad printing method is used for decorating bodies that have no flat surfaces. Important fields of application include the decoration of toys and sales-promoting items as well as bottle caps, plastic bottles, decorative elements in the automotive and furniture industries and many more. RUCO offers a comprehensive range of pad printing inks that have especially been developed and optimized with regard to the different demands placed by the above mentioned fields of application. RUCO pad printing inks series are: Pad Printing T01, Pad Printing T18, Pad Printing T20, Pad Printing T25, Pad Printing T38, Pad Printing T40, Pad Printing T45, Pad Printing T70, Pad Printing T90, Pad Printing T95, Pad Printing T100.

Features of RUCO Pad Printing Inks:
  1. High-gloss, excellent mechanical and chemical resistance
  2. Two-component pad printing inks
  3. Glass, Acrylates, lacquered substrates, metal, Thermosets, polyamide, polycarbonate, pretreated PE, PP, PU and rigid PVC.
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Ruco T01HF
Ruco T20
Ruco T25
Ruco T28
Ruco T35
Ruco T38
Ruco T120
Ruco T200