Ruco Glass Printing Inks

UV Glass Inks: - A brief description 935UV
RUCO inks, Germany has recently launched very special ink series in India for Glass applications- UV Glass inks.
These inks are special due to the following reasons:-

  • Glass industry across the globe is forced to use inks containing heavy metals.
  • These heavy metal inks require high temperature ‘LEHRS’ making energy consumption higher.
Advantages of RUCO UV Glass Series: -
  • No post baking at high temperatures required.
  • Low energy required because no LEHR required.
  • Free from Heavy metals which form the basis of all inorganic inks used for conventional glass industry.
  • Saves space as all colours can be done simultaneously.
  • High speed curing. Some machines work even at the speed of +3500 bottles per hours in 4-6 colour.
  • Since few colours can produce many colours, unlike ceramic colours, we have higher success in multicolor reproduction.


  • Liquor Bottles.
  • Flat Glassware.
  • Gaming Glass.
  • Glassware.
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