Fiber Laser Marking Machines
  Minnie Laser Marking Machine

Markolaser: Fiber Laser Marker - 10W / 20W-DE / 20W-DE / 30W-DE / 70W-DE

CE certified Markolaser Minnie Series is a compact yet extremely rugged and powerful set of machines.Each machine type has some typical features. For example GP +Plus model has normal properties of marking and limited engraving functions. Micro are fine series of machines with extremely thin yet powerful beam for micro marking, micro engraving and micro drilling applications. (DE+HF) are one of the world's finest deep engraving machines. We are very proud of this machine being a workhorse in deep engraving business.
In combination with our advance features and extensive research each machine is further customised after carefully analysing our clients applications.

G +Plus 20W is General Purpose machine with additional features of color marking, limited deep after carefully analysing our clients applications. engraving and is a workhorse in tough Industrial conditions.

Micro machines are lasers for special applications such as Medical Micro Engraving & Micro Drilling of stainless steel tubes etc. It can mark words even upto 0.2mm in height. It can mark on Titanium, Platinum etc. It is widely used by metal optical frames and implants industry. Power level 20/30W

Minnie Markolaser with Indexer 10W,20W,30W,50W

DE-HF are deep engraving & cutting laser which can work continuously for 18-20 hrs for deep engraving. These machines are used by tool rooms & metal industries as well as all general purpose application. Power level 20/30/50/70 Watts

* +100,000 Hours of expected laser lifetime.
* Automation integration options and x-y cross table offers infinite possibilities.
* CE marked.
* Low energy consumption does away with high energy costs incurred with traditional lasers.
* Compact rugged air cooled design.
* Red pointer for mark preview.
* Optional suction system for longer life and quality.
* High speed, versatile & user friendly.
* Excellent after sales service by a highly qualified & experienced techincal support team.
* Zero consumables & negligible maintenance ensures low cost of ownership.
* Class 1 option available.

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