Ceramic & Borosilicate Glass Enamel


1. Suitable for Ceramic glass and high Borosilicate glass with excellent thermal shock resistance, mechanical strength , hardness and electrical properties.

2. Apply for stove window, top plates for electrical or gas cooker and trays for microwave oven.

3.Available colors: black, white and metallic colors.

Method of application:

1. Printing mesh : 200-250 mesh.

2. Drying temperature : 100-150℃ 10mins.

3. Fusing temperature: 680-690℃ (No t more than 690℃).

4. Holding time :30 0 - 4 00 seconds ( glass thickness is 4mm).

5. Wet film thickness:≤ 10 um.


1. Thermal expansion : < 30 x 10-7 K-1.

2.Solvent based, IR drying.

3.Lead contain.

4.Chemical resistance : weakly acid resistance, grade 5.

5.Ink surface : matte.

6. Viscosity: 20-30 Pa.s

7. Solid contain : 80(Wt%).

Use and storage precautions:

1. The opened paste should be collected and sealed alone. Do not mixed with the unopened one.

2. Keep the printing temperature at 25±3 ℃.

3. Storage temperature: 20-25 ℃.

4. Shelf life: 12 months.

The Ceramic Decal Paper for Glass

Farbatone has made a break through in the traditional glass printing craftsmanship, combining art with technology to produce this product.


Once the decal papers of ceramic decal transferring process of glass has been completed. It has to go through high temperature integration; therefore its color will never fall off.

It saves the cost of silk printing and increases the glass production efficiency.

This ceramic decal adopts inorganic pigment. This gives stables colors that will never fade. There will be no differences in colors and there will be many choices of pattern.

When the glass has gone through the heating process, it can be manufactured into various processed glass products, for example, tempered glass, PVB laminated glass, tempered bent glass. Insulating glass.. etc

Main application:

Construction of outside wall, high class buildings front door temple, church, house, building cylinder, elevators decorative glass.. etc

Indoor partition furniture, desktop and craftsmanship glass.

Cooperate with architects and designers in the designing field. And to expand unlimited imagination.


Manufacture size: 560*760mm/sheet

Fire condition : 600-700℃

Working equipment : heating furnace; tempered furnace; fusing furnace.

C.O.E. 85-95 x10-7/k-1(50-300℃)

Storage :

Decal papers should be kept in a dry environment, avoid them to be near any heat source.

Application procedure:

1.Transfer papers should be kept in a dry environment. Avoid nearing any heat source, when using cut the pattern size as needed.

2.Under the state of room temperature, peel off the protection PE film, dip the transfer papers of ceramic decal into the water until the sticker falls off.

3.Wipe the glass and wet it, place the transfer papers of ceramic decal on the appropriate position (yellow side upward). Make sure the transfer paper is fully integrated onto the glass by tap water, if there is air bubble or water , excess water should be removed, finally gently press it with sponge to suck water out.

4.After the transferring papers of ceramic decal of non organic enamel coloring been successful completed, place the g lass in a dry environment for 24 hours ( or dry it under heater 2-3 hours, at 70~80℃) then using heating process (tempering line fusing machine or bending machine ) dissolve the enamel onto the glass surface to create stable and color-lasting porcelain enamel marble with pattern glass.