Concentra Pad Printing Machines
  Concentra 90 Six Color Pad Printing Machine

An outstanding feature of the Concentra is the unique combination of a mechanical drive and a pneumatic tampon stroke. This facilitates an extremely high printing speed and maximum printing flexibility. The “Comcentra-60/90” can therefore even print up to 800 parts/hour using 4 colours. The “Concentra-130” processes an impressive 480 parts/hour using 4 colours. If required, these capacities can be increased through the addition of mounting components for faster machinery fittings. The installations of a second doctoring/colour pick-up position enables a substantial increase in capacity with a 4 colour “Concentra-60/90”with 2-colour printing from approx.900 parts/hour to approx. 1600 parts/hour. With the “Concentra 130/140”, this capacity increases from 520 to 580 parts/hour with this special option for 2-colour printing. The tampon cleaning system is installed at the rear of the machine for this reason. The “Concentra 130/140” also provides the option of an increased capacity of 550 parts/hour for parts printed with 4 colours.

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