Fiber Laser Marking Machines
  CO2 Laser Machines

MARKOLASER Co2 Machines For Packaging, Label & Holography
We proudly present an all European Laser at an affordable price. Components from France, Germany, Japan, USA and UK ensure ultimate quality and long trouble-free life of the system.
Some of the key features of this laser are as under:

  1. Great laser power.
  2. Power controlled by PWM (Pulse width Modulation)
  3. The cost of the process is low with no consuming materials.
  4. Large marking scope, the mark is clear and not easily destroyed.
  5. Good cutting Efficiency.
  6. Marking depth can be controlled at will.
  7. Suitable for a wide range of materials.
  8. Outstanding beam quality for a Co2 laser.

  9. Special Applications
    Well suited for engraving on non-metal and some metals. Widely used in industries like food and Drinks Packaging, Medicine Packaging, Clothing Accessories, Leather, Textile Cutting, Craft and Gifts, Electronics Component, Nameplate Making etc. German source with mark on fly optional. High speed production in automotive, electronics, Label, Holography, medical,cosmetics,‘MARK ON THE FLY’ upto 20mts/min TM Marking logos, linear texts, DataMatrix with serial numbers, counters, date, shift codes, variables, asian characters (Chinese).

    Application Industry
    1. Soft-Drinks Packaging Industry.
    2. Food Packaging Industry.
    3. Alcohol Packaging Industry.
    4. Machine Packaging Industry.
    5. Tobacco Packaging Industry.

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