About Spinks Group

Providing the customers with complete service and technical know-how has been the hallmark of Spinks India's strategy. Towards the same objective, the company has developed a printing and sales showroom in Gurgaon in the outskirts of Delhi, India. This 10,000sq. ft. facility has been designed to display and demonstrate the use of various products. It is fully equipped with all printing related facilities viz. plate making unit, blue zone, ink matching center, design studio, machine display and many others.
The center also boasts of its display unit for giving live demonstrations.

In the business of being different:

  • We deal in "Sealed ink cup" pad printing machines. Lasers for marking and engraving and other accessories related to lasers.
  • Introduced pad printing and screen printing inks for Indian Subcontinents & Middle East.
  • U.V. Compact disc printing inks.
  • U.V. Screen printing inks.
  • Conventional, but specialized pad and screen inks for plastics, glass, metal etc.
  • Introduced special functional inks, lacquers and varnishes for the electronics industry like:
    o Conductive inks
    o Insulation and spacer inks
    o U.V. screen printing inks
  • Screen printing inks for sticker and label industry.
  • Introduced corona discharge systems for treatment of polyolefins from Arcotec.
  • Cosmetic containers and chemicals weighing scales and designer office accessories from Jacob Maul GmbH
  • Aromatic micro encapsulated fragrances
  • 24 carat gold plated logos
  • Indexing and positioning systems from Germany for high precision registration.
  • Consumables for Pad Printing:
    o Pads
    o Inks
    o Blades
    o Clich├ęs and plates
  • Printed balloons
  • Printed stickers
  • Spray paints and lacquers
  • Services like in-house facilities for designing studio, quick cliche making, drum cliche making, customized pads and research and development for testing and matching for different substrates. We also provide technical assistance at our showroom in Gurgaon.